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Archives for April 2006

>Reader in the Book

>Okay, maybe it’s just me, but David Copperfield and I have just visited Steerforth’s family home, and between Steerforth calling the lad “Daisy,” and the Queer Eye-view of the decor and inhabitants of the house, I feel like the book is just about to burst into little flamy flames. I’m reminded of K.T. Horning’s reading […]

>Sutherland Lecture 2006

>I’m hoping some of you might be able to join me and the Chicago children’s-book posse at this year’s Zena Sutherland Lecture on Friday, May 5 at 7:30PM at the Harold Washington Center of the Chicago Public Library. This year’s speaker is Jacqueline Woodson, and her chosen topic is “How Do I Come Home Again?” […]

>Bless this man, but send him some body armor

>In the March issue of the British children’s books magazine Books for Keeps, there are capsule profiles of three children’s librarians. Youth services manager Ian Dodds of the Bromley library near London is in a spot of trouble: “Some members of Bromley’s library staff are still dumbstruck by Dodds’ decision to ban craft activities from […]

>Field trip!

>Here’s a guest entry from J.D Ho, our circulation and marketing manager: In an office full of kids’ book reviewers, there aren’t many comics readers — just myself and Alison, the circulation and marketing Assistant. Overflowing with missionary zeal, I undertook to organize a trip to the comic store, a place Alison and I visit […]

>Creative review clipping

>I once ended a review panning an over-the-top YA novel with the phrase ” . . . but melodramatic teens will love it.” It soon appeared in the publisher’s ad for the book, abbreviated to “teens will love it.” Apparently Miramax Books has a similarly free-spirited attitude toward quotation.

>A-B-C, baby, you and me!

>The Association of Booksellers for Children has announced the winners of its E.B. White Read Aloud Awards. They are: for best read-aloud picture book, Chris Van Dusen’s If I Built a Car; for best read-aloud chapter book, Deborah Wiles’ Each Little Bird that Sings.

>"Janet! Donkeys!"

>Happy Monday, everyone. Seduced by persuader par excellence Barbara Bader, I spent much of my weekend enthralled in David Copperfield (a la audiobook). Why did I dodge it until now? (Is anyone up for a game of–what is it called?–that reverse-snob competition where you name books you haven’t read but are positive everyone else has? […]