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Archives for May 2006

>Waves from the Windy City

>From my mail, it seems that the big children’s book story from Chicago last week was SRA/McGraw Hill’s cancellation of an appearance by Patricia Polacco at the International Reading Association convention there. Apparently, SRA/McGraw Hill wanted Polacco’s speech to refrain from comment on the No Child Left Behind Act, a law that Polacco publicly abhors […]

>Sweet Valley Lowdown

>Semi-juicy stuff here on book packager Alloy, link courtesy of Gawker. But you’ll want to slap Francine Pascal, honestly.

>Both Sides Now. Really?

>Just below the online Boston Globe’s latest story on Kaavya-gate is another on the removal of an art show at Brandeis University. Curated by student Lior Halperin, the exhibition displays paintings solicited from young people living in a Palestinian refugee camp, and was pulled by the university administration after complaints that the show was “one-sided.” […]

>A cat story I can like

>In real life, I get along with cats just fine, but for some reason I can’t stand reading about them–I think it’s because they’re always made out to be so smug. (My friend Ruth, who has had cats for years, says that the enigmatic look they’re always giving you is simply a display of their […]