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Archives for June 2006

>Librarians Behaving Badly, First in a Series

>The dean of library services at the University of the Incarnate Word has cancelled the library’s print subscriptions to the New York Times. This behavior is in shameful contrast to that of a Christian-school librarian I met in New Orleans, who hands out Harry Potters under the table. Yay, subversion!

>Newbery blogging

>The Masked Woman who will chair (elected by a flip of a coin after a tied ballot with Betty Carter) the 2008 Newbery Committee has started a blog-version of the annual mock-Newbery discussion she conducts at the Oakland (CA) Public Library. Join in the fun here. I was reminded to post this when I came […]

>And they medalled!

>The heartiest hand went to ALSC’s Local Arrangements committee at this year’s Newbery-Caldecott banquet, and it was well-deserved. ALA in general did a great job, I thought, of handling the challenges of a New Orleans meeting, as did New Orleans itself. (This is the first conference at which I saw souvenir t-shirts for librarians on […]

>Easy Easy Two

>Friday night I caught up with great pal and former colleague Deborah Stevenson at dinner at the Monteleone–it was only after we had to send the steak back twice that she remembered Calvin Trillin’s advice to never eat in a hotel restaurant. Still, good conversation and gossip about books and friends (shout-out to our mutual […]

>Big Easy Easy Thus Far

>All is bright and beautiful if very hot in downtown N.O.–there’s lots of construction and renovation going on, including at the convention center, where, nb, the ALA halls are waaaaay down toward the far end. Despite all the highbrow recommendations I had for plane reading, I ended up with only five minutes to choose something […]

>"I thought that he was tall"

>Nicholas the II, that is, but no, the late tsar was 5’7″. Just in time for summer reading I’ve begun Greg King and Penny Wilson’s The Fate of the Romanovs (Wiley) and am ineluctably reminded of my seventh-grade-summer infatuation with Robert Massie’s crowd-pleasingly royalist Nicholas and Alexandra. It was one of those books I immediately […]

>Add ’em up, Bobby

>Sorry to be so long away; I’ve been submerged in writing an article for the September issue about book review stars. The short version is that the decision to star a review has larger consequences than I had thought, and I can see why authors really, really want them, and the more the merrier. In […]

>The difference between critics and regular people

>We’ve been working on our “What Makes a Good Book” special issue (out in September) and I’m giggling at a quote Deborah Stevenson (editor of BCCB) is using in her article “Finding Literary Goodness in a Pluralistic World”:. . . delightful as such a spontaneous first response can be, it’s not the only reaction we […]

>Random media moments

>Product placement (by design) is coming to YA books this fall. I haven’t yet seen Cathy’s Book, but when co-authors Jordan Weisman and Sean Stewart remark that changing their heroine’s preference from Clinique # 11 “Black Violet” to Cover Girl’s Lipslick “Daring” was a “natural connection,” I have to wonder just why these guys know […]

>"Webwatch" from the Horn Book

>We’ve just started a new web page of links inspired by current articles in the Magazine, and the May/June edition is up. Hope you like it! Any suggestions or comments about this feature may be sent to our marketing manager J.D. Ho.