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Archives for November 2006

>Fanfare 2006

>For your delectation and debate, the Horn Book’s picks for the best books of this year.

>Another Tango in the News

>The gay penguins are in trouble again, but here at the Horn Book we’re marveling at this manifestation of the butterfly effect, courtesy of our publisher Anne Quirk’s 1997 middle-grade novel Dancing with Great-Aunt Cornelia.

>Here Is Why the Deliberations Are Supposed to Be Secret

>National Book Award judge for fiction Marianne Wiggins spills pretty much all in this LA Times piece; for a more discreet recap see Linda Sue Park’s notes on being a judge for the young people’s award.

Horn Book Fanfare 2006

Best books of 2006 Chosen annually by our editors, Fanfare is The Horn Book Magazine’s selection of the best children’s and young adult books of the year. Picture Books Keeper of Soles written by Teresa Bateman, illustrated by Yayo (Holiday) When Death comes calling for Colin’s soul, the clever shoemaker notices his lack of quality […]

>Prizing Graphic Novels

>With award season upon us, I’m beginning to think about just how graphic novels might fare in January’s ALA Awards. While I’m sure we’ll see them on various Notable and Best lists, the odds are against them when it comes to the Newbery, Caldecott, and Printz. Here’s the problem: the Newbery Medal is for text; […]

>News Flash: Girls are smart

>“It’s time we got teenage girls reading comics,” said Karen Berger, a senior vice president at DC Comics. Why? I mean, why not, but why? Berger goes on to say that teenage girls are “about more than going out with the cute guy. This line of books gives them something to read that honors that […]

>An apology

>I really should apologize for my earlier post suggesting cynicism on the part of HarperCollins’ marketing department.

>Books for Unfit Mothers

>At ALA last year I screamed intemperately at a perfectly nice young woman from Ten Speed Press for publishing this, now it looks like I’ll have to go after HarperCollins for this. If only these books that are funny precisely because they fly over the heads of their putative audience could be made to hit […]

>When you want it NOW

>Not to get too personal and therapeutic on you all, but my psychiatrist and I have been exploring the possible long-term effects of the prescription of bronchodilatory inhalants for young asthma sufferers in the 1960s. After years of waiting for ingested medicine to take effect, or enduring the terror of an adrenaline shot at the […]

>Don’t hate me ’cause I’m pretty.

>The new PW has an interesting article about the future of the Children’s Book Council, and it’s something of an eye-opener for those of us nurtured in the institutional end–schools and libraries–of the children’s book biz. Take a look. Not online is their end-of-the-book “Soapbox” column, which this week bemoans the curse of being good-looking. […]