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Archives for December 2006

>God bless us every one

>Unfortunately, Jamaica Pond doesn’t have its Narnia snow this Christmas; Richard took this picture last year. It’s virtually Christmas. I hope you and yours are enjoying the season. Very sad news about Philippa Pearce, who died Thursday. NB: do not click to read Nicholas Tucker’s comprehensive appreciation unless you’ve already read Tom’s Midnight Garden, as […]

>Harry’s House (and Harry’s take-home pay)

>I know I’ve exhausted whatever critical credibility I might have had re Harry Potter, but I need to talk about yesterday’s headlines announcing that the name of the forthcoming and final volume to the series could be found at the author’s website. Less sporting journalists simply announced the name. But why the hoopla? Is it […]

>Choose your own adventure

>I thought about our recent links to digital stories when I read this NY Times review of a London Faust in which audience members, independently and at will, move throughout the various spaces in which the play is being enacted: “It’s theater for the interactive age. But instead of moving a cursor, you simply move […]

>Dakota’s Web

>I asked frequent blog commentor Melinda Cordell to review Charlotte’s Web for us; here’s what she thinks.

>So do we think she really signed this?


>Cue, and . . . car crash!

>We saw History Boys last night, and much as I loved it (and not to spoil it for you all), it reminded me of too many gay YA novels from the 1970s. See Michael Cart and Christine Jenkins’ new book for details.

>Wake-up call

>Jean Gralley sent me a link to another digital story. It’s so sad!

>Who’s Our Enid?

>Reading this piece on the Guardian book blog about whether or not to give children books whose moral assumptions have become dated, I thought about our previous discussion about reviewers correcting themselves. What do you do when it’s not so much the reviewer who’s changed his mind, but the times? The Guardian article discusses Brit […]

>This is kind of adorable.

>Photo by Spencer Platt, Getty Images

>For the Alias fan in mourning:

>Check out Inanimate Alice. It’s a spooky ongoing digital story conceived and published for the web, and it will suck you right into its tale about a girl whose father’s shadowy work takes the family around the globe. There’s an interview with the author in The Guardian. I was reminded of William Gibson’s great Pattern […]