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Archives for December 2006

>"But she wanted a tutu"

>Writing the New Yorker‘s annual children’s-book-roundup about ten years ago, Adam Gopnik took issue with Mimi’s Tutu, by Tynia Thomassie and Jan Spivey Gilchrist. It’s about a young African American girl who wants a ballerina’s tutu, but her mother and family give her an African-styled dancing dress instead. Gopnik commented along the lines of “but […]

>Second Thoughts

>Over at Booklist‘s Likely Stories, Keir Graff has some worthy thoughts about reviewers’ changes of mind or heart. We grapple with that in a mild way when we construct our Fanfare list every December–some book someone was crazy about doesn’t seem so great anymore, and another star bites the dust; a book that was not […]

>Giving the pig a happy ending

>The upcoming Charlotte’s Web movie is engendering the usual publishing spawn; just arrived in our office is Some Pig!: A Charlotte’s Web Picture Book. The bucolic illustrations are by Maggie Keen; the text is E. B. White’s complete second chapter from Charlotte’s Web, “Wilbur.” I guess you just have to think of it as a […]

>Those Pesky Annotations

>After spending most of last week working on annotations for our Fanfare list, I read the NYT 100 Notable Books of the Year with new eyes. We’ll ignore the fact that the list ignores children’s books; what I was fixed on were the annotations of the titles. Some are purely descriptive, such as the one […]