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Archives for February 2007

>If They Could Turn Back Time

>The Boston Globe‘s David Mehegan takes a look today at the evergreen topic of boys and reading, focusing on a pair of Houghton Mifflin veterans who are repackaging, for Sterling Publishing, the old Random House nonfiction Landmark Books series for a new generation of boys. We’ll see. Leonard Marcus is quoted as being a little […]

>"Dammit, Chloe," Take Two

>I will be eternally grateful to for solving my New Yorker problem. The magazine has always hung heavy over my head with its oh-so-urbane humor and “wry” cartoons (somebody gave us a coffee table book of rejected New Yorker cartoons I enjoyed much more than the ones that made it in) causing me to […]

From the Man Who Did This Already, Already

Did anyone catch the shoutout to Maurice Sendak on The L Word this week? He didn’t, but allowed to me this morning that Jennifer Beals nekkid would definitely be worth drawing (I’m not being gratuitous; see the recap). In any event, he was far more worked up about Susan Patron’s problems with a few librarians, […]

>A correction and a repeated complaint

>Re the Printz Award: I posted a while back about how I thought American Born Chinese, published by First Second Books, was not exactly eligible for the award, since it did not seem to me to be expressly published for young adults, an explicit criterion. But I have since heard from the award Chair Cindy […]

>Bridge to Terabithia

>Martha P.’s review is here. P.S. re grownup movie news: go see Breach.

>Hell with the Chief

>I see that the University of Illinois is–finally–retiring its octogenarian mascot, Chief Illiniwek. If you need to be convinced of how this is related to children’s literature, take a look at some of Debbie Reese‘s work, which includes a Horn Book article from 1998 that can be found here.

>Oh, those sneaky sneaks!

>The New York Times weighs in with what is quite possibly the most inane comment yet on Lucky‘s scrotum: “Authors of children’s books sometimes sneak in a single touchy word or paragraph, leaving librarians to choose whether to ban an entire book over one offending phrase.”

>Bagging our principles

>Fuse 8 led me to Susan Patron’s defense of The Higher Power of Lucky’s Scrotum at PW online, and while it is admirably articulate and refreshingly undefensive, I am bothered by one line: “If I were a parent of a middle-grade child, I would want to make decisions about my child’s reading myself.” So would […]

>If Anne Frank lived

>I’m working this week on a speech about the shifting sands of YA literature (to be given at the Center for Children’s Books on March 2, come on down) and the latest news about Anne Frank has me thinking about how central her diary has been to YA. Do you think we would have even […]

>A reader requests . . .

>. . . a “children’s lit. guide to Boston.” She’ll be visiting from Australia next month and wants to know what children’s-book places she should try and see. I don’t get out much, but of course you can’t miss the ducklings, and while you’re there you can see the original address of the Horn Book […]