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Archives for March 2007

>Six million what?

>Lois Lowry recently posted on her blog a letter from a teacher who was having his students collect and tie together six million centimeters of shoe lace to “represent the 6,000,000 Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.” Lois seems all for this idea (“It is always such a pleasure to hear of and from […]

>Susan Patron has company.

>from the copyright page of Sweet!: The Delicious Story of Candy (Tundra, 2007): This book is dedicated to the sweet memory of our mother [name redacted because otherwise mine would come down from heaven and KILL me], who liked her black balls two at a time.

>Can Linds come too?

>Here are some more Readergirlz for you: Join Kati, Jeni, and Posh in their new club!

>. . . or we will shoot this dog.

>Note to book publicists: don’t put stickers like this on ARCs. Reviewers don’t want to know how you’re going to spend the money.

>Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves

>There’s been some discussion recently about blogging and inclusivity that came to mind when I read this article Martha showed me about kids and their cliques. Marion Hawthorne lives. As Monica Edinger pointed out in the post linked above, it’s not just kids. As Barbara Grizzuti Harrison wrote of her adolescence among the Greenwich Village […]

>Being an American Can Be Fun

>SLJ this month runs a short, vague article on possible changes to ALSC book awards criteria. Fuse8 has a pretty good discussion on it going; over here I’d like to consider the larger implied question about American children’s literature. SLJ attributes to K.T. Horning, 50, the idea that the Newbery and Caldecott have “accomplished their […]

>Who says kids can’t appreciate irony?

>I wonder what it would be like to be their mom.

>Reading along

>Yesterday I was having one of the few unalloyed pleasures of my job, where I was asked to read a book merely for another opinion. We were beyond the yea-or-nay stage of reviewing it–the reviewer and Martha agreed it was really good–and I was just reading it to Keep Up. See, the problem with being […]

>Children’s literature’s defining phrase,

>I’ve decided, is “disguised as a boy.” This phrase is necessarily used twice in our May book review section (and don’t worry, Mitali, yes, one is yours and, yes, we like it) but the fact that it’s such an established trope (a word I never speak aloud because I can never remember how many syllables […]

>Just Don’t Go Out So Much

>Kelly Herold’s blog led me to this piece by Meg Rosoff about why she doesn’t like to write negative reviews. I have to say that I don’t find writers to be the best reviewers, because they tend to be too sympathetic and too focused on being “encouraging,” as if the author were the primary audience […]