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Archives for April 2007

>Who Cares Who Is John Galt?

>Amidst the National Book Critics Circle’s campaign to save book reviewing, I can only express my envy of the U.K.’s Guardian book pages with such features as China Mieville’s thoughts on propaganda and children’s fiction: “Of course a lot of agitproppy art is crap, true, but then so’s a lot of everything.” It’s certainly true […]

>Horn Book 2.0

>Just in time for May Day and in service to workers the world over, we’re proud to introduce our newly designed and rejiggered website. What’s newest is our Horn Book History section (make Laura Ingalls Wilder’s gingerbread!), plus there is now a handy what’s-new page, which updates additions and revisions to the blog and website. […]

>When It’s Time to Keep Quiet

>In yesterday’s Huffington Post, author Leslie Bennetts complains about a New York Times piece, which, using Bennetts’ new book The Feminine Mistake as an example, speculated that the sales of hot-button books have been compromised by their authors’ endless talk show rounds: readers figure they already have enough of a gist for their purposes. This […]

>Because fried potatoes go with everything.

>Becky’s Book Reviews led me to the Grasping for the Wind blog and this seductive challenge: to read “5 books you think will challenge your thinking about any topic.” My first thought was to reach for a book by Ann Coulter, but then I realized that, if properly taken up, the challenge is subtler than […]

>Androne here

>And I’m a modest and shy ocelot who loves long walks in the rain. Have you picked your daemon yet?

>And if you’re not an English major?

>The discussion about Shakespeare reminds me of something a friend of mine said she was going to do while taking some extended leave from employment: she was going to read Ulysses, because she thought it was something every educated person needs to have on their read-that list. Maybe, if I’m on a very small, very […]

>Getting the Shakes

>Child_Lit is currently enjoying one of those pearl-clutching reports about the abysmal state of American education, this one taking on colleges that do not require English majors to take a course in Shakespeare but allow them to study such horrors as queer theory and children’s literature. Let’s start with the sheer–and shrill–irrationality of comparing required […]

>What gets ’em going

>In preparation for the Horn Book Board of Directors annual meeting tomorrow, I’ve been going through this blog’s entries for the past year to remind myself of what I actually spent my time doing. I was pleased to notice that reader participation has gone way up, and thank you for that. A year ago it […]

I’m not sure just how it’s supposed to work, exactly,

but we just received an audiobook edition of Brian Selznick’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret, read by Jeff Woodman. Although the recording makes an attempt to convey the book’s lengthy visual sequences via the substitution of sound effects (lots of footsteps!) I’m not quite sure this works for so resolutely bookish a book, one where […]

>"Little did he know"

>That line is the tipoff, in Stranger than Fiction, to English professor Dustin Hoffman that Will Ferrell might be telling the truth when he says that he can hear someone (Emma Thompson, we know) narrating his life. Hoffman says that he teaches a whole seminar on “little did he know,” and while this seems meant […]