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Archives for April 2007

>Scaring me

>What with avoiding writing and having a cold and pissing off bloggers left and right and all, I’ve been spending the last couple of days looking at a lot of book blogs. Many of them feature sidebar ads from, and while I have no problem with that, I’ve noticed that the books featured therein […]

>Why Do I Review Books?

>So someone asked amidst the great blog wars of Tuesday. It’s a fair question but has a long answer. Let’s first get out of the way me v. The Horn Book, because, obviously, I review books because it’s part of my job, and my job is to “blow the horn for fine books for boys […]

>With apologies to Velma

>Varner, who played no part in the story I was vaguely remembering on yesterday’s blog comments. Varner succeeded May Massee as the children’s book editor at Viking, and did many good things, not least of which was suggesting to the young Susie Hinton that she go with the initials S. E. for her first book, […]

>This is why I don’t have a blogroll. Or friends.

>In the face of a cranky attack on blogging that appeared in the resolutely print journal n+1 (and which is excerpted here), Fuse #8 this morning offers a defense of review-blogging that, I think, misses a big part of the point. I agree with her about the general cluelessness about the argument, but I don’t […]

>Cheap Thrills on the Moral High Ground

>We were discussing Holocaust education on child_lit, and a member forwarded an outline of her temple’s planned seventh-grade Holocaust unit, which included a showing of Schindler’s List. The outline noted, parenthetically, that “sexual content will be edited out.” I thought of that this weekend when Richard and I saw The Black Book, a racy thriller […]

>Tish! That’s French!

>GalleyCat’s report on an article (that originally appeared in The Bookseller, whose online subscription is veddy expensive* and thus to whom I cannot link) about books that prosper on either side of the Atlantic but sink when they venture across reminds me of Ben Brantley’s recent NYT piece exposing our country’s fetish for English accents […]

>A role model in better clothes

>When I got an email from Robin Smith with the subject line “Someone we both love,” I thought, oh God, I really cannot handle another death right now. But I perked right up when I opened it and saw that rather than an obituary, it was a link to a New York Times article about […]

>This time, it was a friend.

>Editor Frances Foster called this morning to tell me that writer Janet McDonald died yesterday in Paris, her adopted home. I never met or even spoke with Janet, but my admiration for her books led to my interest in her writing something for the Horn Book, which led to one of the richest–and definitely the […]

>Kurt Vonnegut

>has died, and Monica Edinger offers a brief tribute to his impact on her “arty and alienated” group of high school chums. I never “got” Vonnegut the way many of my friends did, but I can certainly appreciate the way he pushed at the boundaries of science fiction to make us rethink it and literature […]

>Hometown Girl Makes Good

>Do you read those Seven Impossible Things interviews and think, wow, I wish I could get me one of those? Do like Alvina Ling, who got her start right here as a Horn Book intern!