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Archives for May 2007

>July/August stars, ’07

>Reviews of the following books will be starred in the July/August issue of the Horn Book Magazine. Picture Books: Fred Stays with Me! (Little) written by Nancy Coffelt, illustrated by Tricia TusaOrange Pear Apple Bear (Simon) written and illustrated by Emily GravettFollow the Line through the House (Viking) written and illustrated by Laura LjungkvistStarring Miss […]

>"Deceptively simple"

>and other book review tics are in my mind this week, as we wrap up editing the July August book review section of the Magazine and the first half of the Fall Guide. The Daily Telegraph offers a helpful list of words and phrases book reviewer love overmuch, but in what words do children’s book […]

>Place your bets!

>The Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards committee is beginning its round of in-person debate tomorrow, and I’ll be able to share the names of the winners with you next week. Any guesses? The awards frequently surprise me, as my involvement with the choices ends with selecting the judges and I’m not privy to their discussions. Because […]

>"Mad Bitches Against Gay People"

>Here‘s an interesting story about censorship and the upcoming publication of And Tango Makes Three in the U.K. I’m refreshed by Mel Burgess’s suggestion that censorship furor is often more a fact of media exploitation than it is a reflection of the actual fortunes of a book. For the record, here’s what the Horn Book […]

>"Crap, here comes Teacher!"

>In the comments on the earlier post about dueling reviews, `h wrote: Speaking of the good stick. There’s something I’d like you to measure — heavy handed instruction — when an author sticks something into the text that clearly doesn’t fit in order to model some lesson– girls are just as smart as boys, or […]

>Sometimes the Jokes Just Write Themselves

>Like here.

>He says . . she says

>A student seeking resources for a paper dragged Sylvia E. Kamerman’s Book Reviewing: A Guide to Writing Book Reviews–by leading Book Editors, Critics, and Reviewers (The Writer, 1978) from my dusty shelves to my desk the other day, and it’s quite an interesting volume viewed in the light of the current drama about the slow […]

>Tell Us What to Do

>After enduring my second round with the dentist with an audiobook about a serial killer who removed his (or her, I haven’t managed to finish it yet) victims’ teeth, I decided for my third date with Dr. Guen to try some chicklit (chiclets, heh) again and began listening to Sally Koslow’s Little Pink Slips, the […]

>Ice-cold killers

>I’m really enjoying Booklist‘s May 1 Mystery Showcase issue, especially editor Bill Ott’s “A Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to Scandinavia,” which surveys the major Nordic crime novels that have made their way to our shores, a great summer-reading list. We already know about Norway’s penchant for this kind of thing.

More on Lloyd Alexander

We’ve posted further information about Lloyd Alexander here. And below, fervent Alexander fan and my best friend Elizabeth Law offers some of her own thoughts: Lloyd Alexander is one of my favorite writers of all time, as well as one of my most influential. As a child and young adult, I read the Chronicles of […]