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Archives for June 2007


>I would really like to get some agreement on this word or for people to give up using it altogether. I most recently ran across it this morning while reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s review of some new Hillary Clinton biographies in The New Yorker: Sympathetic and unsympathetic biographers alike tend to tell Clinton’s more recent history […]

>Ten Cents a Dance

>. . . or, in this case a dollar a word. My enterprising friend Mike Ford–we met when I heard a man yelling “Roger! Roger!” in the park, and it turned out to be Mike calling his dog–is writing a pay-as-you-go novel online, where he will add another word for each dollar somebody gives him. […]

>See how much fun we were having?

> I don’t know who was holding who up at this point, but Martha P. makes for a great booth partner. Photo courtesy of our exhibit floor neighbor Brian Enslow.

>Get a Clue,

>Nancy Drew. Chris Heppermann’s review of the new movie is up.


>We’ve just posted a list of recommended Spanish-English books.

>Romper Stomper Bomper Boo

>Yes, I saw lots of my friends at work and play over the weekend at ALA, although my own presence felt circumscribed: mornings in the booth, afternoons at the Caldecott meetings, dinner with a friend, Newbery-Caldecott-Wilder banquet, over and out. I met a lot of you at the Horn Book booth, and I thank you […]

>A Question for the Young Ladies

>When I was in college in the late 70s, two of the things you had to do before you could be an official lesbian were listen to The Changer and the Changed and read Rubyfruit Jungle. I’m working on a “Second Look” article about Annie on My Mind (25 years old now) and I’m wondering […]

>Bounced Back

>As a few people have noted on last week’s crankypants post, the SLJ site (and the unstoppable Fuse) are rid of the tawdry bijoux that decorated them. It’s safe to go back.

>Maybe she’s older than I thought

>People’s Leah Rozen on the new Nancy Drew movie: ” . . . all that talk of Ned, roadsters and hunting for clues in abandoned mansions paled next to the thrill-filled young adult novels I was sneaking off my adolescent sister’s bookshelf, like Johnny Tremain and Island of the Blue Dolphins.”


>Here’s the duckling story.