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Archives for June 2007


>D.C. in the summer at least isn’t Orlando in the summer, but when can ALA get back to San Francisco? (Not in the foreseeable future, but we do get to go to Las Vegas in 2014.) But I’ll be there and would be pleased if anyone would like to drop by the Horn Book booth, […]

>People Are Not Inherently Evil

>I’m just back from a run; it was hot and my legs felt like they were encased in molasses. But about halfway through I came upon a great scene: a family of geese crossing the Jamaica Way. I hate geese, but this gaggle of two adults and seven young ones was inspiring. The grownups led […]

>And how!

>I was happy to see Debbie Reese confirm my impression of American Girl World as hostile territory. Why people continue to see this empire as good for children is beyond me. If you want to educate your children into the joys of brand loyalty and conspicuous consumption, at least Disney is more affordable. And the […]

>Make it Stop!

>SLJ, I love you. I happily worked with Lillian Gerhardt and Trev Jones for years, and I did some of my best writing in your pages. And Little, Brown, too, where I published my sole book for young people and whose upcoming offerings include the extremely terrific The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian […]

>The New Laureate

>Sometime Horn Book contributor Madelyn Travis interviews Britain’s new children’s laureate Michael Rosen, he of the funny verse and the very sad book. We love Madelyn here because it was her since-third-grade friendship with our Jennifer Brabander that brought Bridget Jones’s Diary to the Horn Book long before the rest of you had heard of […]

>"We Are All Winners"

>opined Karen Hesse in her Newbery-Medal acceptance speech (yeah, I know, easy for her to say) but I am stoked, not to mention contractually obligated, to announce the winners of Mother Reader’s 48 Hour Book Challenge. The Most Books Read Prize goes to the Midwestern Lodestar blog, and the Most Time Spent Reading Prize to […]

>Paging Julie Brown

>We’ve put together a summer reading list for your pleasure; please note that it fulfills no requirements and promises nothing but a good time. Bruce Brooks kicked off my summer reading with a gift of the latest Prey book (Invisible Prey) by John Sandford. Give me Sandford’s Lucas Davenport in the summer and Donna Leon’s […]

>East Side, West Side,

>Brooklyn and Harlem, too. But I began my New York Time (an obscure but funny adult novel by Richard Peck, btw) with a view, from Elizabeth’s living room, of the East River and ended it in Viking publisher Regina Hayes’ office, which overlooks the Hudson. And had a grand time in between, too. The memorial […]

>One for the boys

>Sorry, you all; I know the last week on this blog has been like sitting in class and getting hand-outs from Teacher. I’ve been quite busy with BGHB stuff and proofreading the Guide. Whereupon. Whereupon I had one of those old-fashioned, Jane O’Reilly “clicks!” of recognition, although in my case it was not a housewife’s […]

>A Small Correction

>We misreported the date of the forthcoming Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards: they will be celebrated on October 12, 2007.