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Archives for August 2007

>Ho ho ho

>Off to New York for my last year’s birthday present from Elizabeth, seeing my namesake challenged by the Jolly Green Newbie. Back to our usual programming on Tuesday.

Hear Us Roar

>The inaugural Horn Book Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. Lolly is setting it up with iTunes so you’ll be able to subscribe; for now, go to the podcast page on our site to hear my interview with Jon Scieszka. I interviewed Jon for our special September issue, Boys and Girls. That too is […]

Horn Book Podcast

In 2007 and 2008 the Horn Book had a (more-or-less) monthly podcast. We are happy to make these episodes available once again here. Our podcasts featured conversations with writers, illustrators, and editors, chats about current trends, and insider takes on reviewing and publishing.   Beach Bag Books Roger Sutton and Martha Parravano talk with Kitty […]

>It’s more than roasted weinies

>Worker of the world Claire has put together a list of books for Labor Day.

>Son of a Preacher Man

>I’m spending Richard Peck’s summer vacation editing his Sutherland Lecture for publication in the November HB. It’s a great speech–Peck has always been among the best of our writer-speakers–and his epigrammatic style can be pure poetry. I’m working directly from the speech manuscript, and I’ve never seen one quite like it, with the paragraphs carefully […]

>Off topic: this is just for those

>. . . for whom a day that does not start with inappropriate laughter is not, uh, a day.

>Lesbolicious is the word

>for this picture of dykon Louise Fitzhugh, looking like James Dean’s love child on KT Horning’s new blog Worth the Trip. The blog is going to be devoted to coverage of GLBTQXYZ books for kids and teens and with KT at the helm you know the thinking and writing are going to be first-rate.

>Walking and chewing gum at the same time

>This story about headphones, etc. being banned from running races makes me think about our various discussions re audiobooks. I wonder why I’m capable of reading a printed book as a discrete activity, but listening to one requires me to either be in motion or playing solitaire or some low-level computer game. I can’t just […]

>Writing for the Horn Book: Field Notes

>Field Notes is our column for essays about connecting children and books. Contributors can be librarians, booksellers, parents, publishers, teachers, writers–anyone who has seen children’s books in action. It’s not a column for tips on running a summer reading program or how to read aloud, but rather it’s a place where we invite contributors to […]

>A small correction

>I have a short piece about Harry Potter up on the New York Times site, and it has a small but glaring (to me, anyway) mistake. The passage that reads Nonreaders found in Rowling a benignly authoritarian guide: she told you what to look at and how to feel about what you saw. Those already […]