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Archives for October 2007

>Bear footed

> Unlike this lucky little guy, who sat the whole thing out, I had to wear my big-boy shoes twice this weekend, first for the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards on Friday and then again for Dame Kiri’s farewell recital last night. Lolly and Kitty will be busy today to bring you more pictures and moments […]

>We’ll come to you

>with the Horn Book Podcast, now available for subscription via iTunes and God-knows-who-else.

>The ’07 National Book Award finalists

>. . . have been announced and we’ve got reviews of the Young People’s Literature choices. The judges were Elizabeth Partridge (chair),Pete Hautman, James Howe, Patricia McCormick, and Scott Westerfeld; the nominees were announced by Camille Paglia, whose legendary battle via fax with Brit critic Julie Burchill is available for your enjoyment here.

>As Claire originally began her review, WTF?

>So keep that in mind when you read her review of The Seeker.

>Do the Math

>Jennifer Weiner knows why the New York Times doesn’t review her books and she’s not afraid to share. Her rant might have been more effective had she not spent so much of it bragging about being rich and popular. I’m reminded of the time I was collared at BEA by a joke-book author who complained […]

>We make dreams come true.

>At least Lisa Yee’s. My next editorial is about George Clooney. (photo by Richard, taken at Joanna and Norwood Long’s house)

>But I bet he loved Clueless

>from the Globe and Mail review of The Seeker: “Whether you fully embrace the Harry Potter phenomenon or simply live with it, there’s no question that J. K. Rowling is an imaginative story-spinner. The trouble is that she has ruined the field for the legions of the second-rate.” Update: here’s a link to the Maclean’s […]

>Read Zoe

>Our new Web Watcher. This month, she’s found lots ‘o links for our special issue on Boys and Girls.

>I’m guessing Greenwitch will be a whole ‘nother ball of wax.

>The upcoming opening of The Seeker, formerly known as The Dark is Rising, has a lot of people on edge, not least Susan Cooper. I’m reminded of another time this title got in trouble, branded as racist in 1976 by the Council on Interracial Books for Children in their Human and Anti-Human Values in Children’s […]

>And then they were upon her, and with good reason, too.

>Fuse8 posts a link to what she accurately characterized as another hand-wringing piece about allegedly depressing YA novels on reading lists, but I am even more depressed by the author (a professor of creative writing, no less) condemning some “young adult fiction”, unnamed, where “a town holds a lottery. At first it seems like an […]