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Archives for March 2008

>Good for the Jews

>and good for you, too: Claire’s latest booklist.

>Its they’re misson!

>But I bet their pretty anooying at at dinner partys.

>Hard books

>Having successfully evaded Middlemarch in college (I thought it was too hard), I am now reading it (via audiobook, with the Modern Library edition at hand) completely enraptured. It reminds me of another reason why children’s book professionals need to read books for grownups: Buyers of the Middlemarch newspapers found themselves in an anomalous position: […]

>The Many Mysteries of Children’s Choices

>Huh? seems to be the main question directed at the Children’s Book Council’s just-announced Children’s Choice Book Awards, an Internet election for “Favorite Books,” “Favorite Author,” and “Favorite Illustrator.” The five nominees, “compiled from a review of bestseller lists, including those prepared by BookScan, The New York Times and USA Today,” for each of the […]

>Art on the wall

>This is Lolly Robinson, Horn Book designer, posting at Roger’s invitation. (Thanks, Rog.) First a confession: My attention has been divided lately and I might have left my heart in Santa Barbara. Not romantically like Judy G., but I’ve been moonlighting on an exhibition that turned into one of those magical collaborative work experiences in […]

>Code Pink

>Scanning the multitudes of new books throughout the office, I am struck–again–by the endurance of pink covers on light teen girl fiction. I know this is nothing new; what interests me is the fact that I wrote about this four years ago, and I’m surprised it still works–not the chicklit formula, which is eternal, but […]

>I like timetables, too.

>Marc Aronson and I have been talking about Boys Books a lot, and about how boys can be confounded by adult definitions of what constitutes worthwhile reading: usually it means a book, often it means fiction, and when it does include nonfiction, it had better look a lot like a novel. But I am loving […]

>But I Play One on TV

>Elissa told me that Parker Posey’s character in the new Fox sitcom The Return of Jezebel James is a HarperCollins children’s book editor. Any reports?

>I Think She Might Have Liked Mine More

>Horn Book reviewer Christine Heppermann heard a Who at the cineplex this weekend. I saw Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park, which felt like a YA novel written by Robbe-Grillet, when in fact it was based on a YA novel written by Blake Nelson. It was good.

>That’s Why We Clap

>Saturday night we went to see a semi-pro production of Puccini’s Turandot in the dining hall of Lowell House, a Harvard College dorm that has been putting on operas since the 1920s. Turandot is pretty grand as these things go and the production didn’t miniaturize anything–full orchestra, colorful (very “Oriental”) sets and costumes, big voices […]