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Archives for April 2008

>May/June 08 Horn Book Magazine

>should be winging its way to you; in the meantime, we have posted some appetizers on our site.

>Tugging on the leash

>Unless there’s an abandoned chicken bone at stake, Buster has never been one for much straining at the leash. But where he used to not mind being thus tethered, I’m finding that he, at sixteen or so (we’ll never know for sure), seems to welcome the security. He now blinks and stumbles in the morning […]


>”You’re too pretty but you’ve got the nose for it.”–P. L. Travers on the phone to Julie Andrews still abed after the birth of daughter Emma, prior to the commencement of filming Mary Poppins. I must say I came away from Home with a lot of respect for Andrews, the Julie Andrews Collection (now moved […]

>And we don’t care about the young folks

>Angel-Juan Diego Florez (wow, is he good-looking) did not repeat his repeat of “Ah! mes amis, quel jour de fête!” in the Met’s “HD Live” transmission yesterday afternoon. Good for him, although he perhaps needn’t have implied, in an intermission interview, that he decided against the encore because the audience didn’t clap hard enough. It […]

>I can totally see Angelina Jolie in that part, actually.

>The news about the imminent resurrection of Dagny Taggart now completes my journey in my own personal wayback machine; thank goodness that Front Street’s Stephen Roxburgh today talked me into buying a Kindle* so I can move into the future. I’m taking another venture into the brave new world tomorrow, with my first experience of […]

>Betcha can’t read just one

>Claire has a new list of short story collections up for your reading pleasure. Also, there’s a great short story by Ha Jin up at the New Yorker. Read it.

>Yes, and you’re not helping

>Woman to man this evening, overheard as I’m jogging by: “Your English skills are deplorable.”

>Is long the new short?

>I just picked up Katherine Applegate’s Beach Blondes: A Summer Novel (Simon Pulse) and boy are my arms tired. This sucker is 721 paperback pages long, and first in a series to boot. I’m guessing it’s so fat for some strategic marketing reason, or perhaps I just haven’t yet gotten to the chapter “This Is […]

>Lost in the 60s

>and the 70s I’ve been, listening to Julie Andrews marvelously read her new autobiography Home: A Memoir of My Early Years (Hyperion) and reading Sheila Weller’s Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon–and the Journey of a Generation. Forget the “You’re So Vain” gossip–did you know “Car on a Hill” was about Jackson […]

>It’s not a word to throw around lightly

>Poets are supposed to choose their words very carefully. This one doesn’t. But a poet standing up to a bookstore does demonstrate chutzpah, I’ll give her that. Thanks to Shelf Awareness for the link.