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Archives for April 2008

>Something stinks

>Bloggers criticizing perfume–what will those pesky scamps get up to next! I can’t believe the reporter left unchallenged and unexplored the claim that a “prominent blogger” was “threatened with a lawsuit by a perfume company because she had deemed its product ‘only O.K.’ and ‘a little disappointing.’” The juiciest and most provocative statement in the […]

>New Podcast

>In our latest podcast, Martha Parravano talks to Catherine Gilbert Murdock about Princess Ben (Houghton), a slyly subversive–and satisfyingly romantic–fantasy that is receiving a starred review in the upcoming May/June issue of the Horn Book.

>You’re not the boss of me,

>I say. Defining poetryIs a task best left to those who Do,Not some Society.

>Take that.

>As the suit over publication of “The Harry Potter Lexicon” begins in New York, Laurie Frost’s The Elements of His Dark Materials: A Guide to Philip Pullman’s Trilogy (The Fell Press) has just come across my desk. Like the as-yet-unpublished “Lexicon,” Elements contains all manner of facts collated from the object work; unlike that project, […]

>"The Harry Potter Look"

>The post about judging people–I mean, getting to know people–by the books they read on the subway and keep upon their shelves sent me back to the books-by-the-foot mavens, who this month are offering a special for would-be wizards.

>Star of the Day

>I sang this song forty years ago on Community Auditions, a low-rent Boston precursor of American Idol. But Debbie makes me realize why I didn’t win.

>Librarian superpowers

>This morning, at an unbearable point in Middlemarch–Dorothea is, I think, about to make a Very Big Mistake–I switched off my iPod and turned my attention to what my fellow Orange Line commuters were reading. It can be very tricky to not be caught staring while waiting for someone to give you a flash of […]

>Zena Sutherland Lecture 2008


>It’s a Mystery

>Colleen Mondor wonders why there aren’t more YA mysteries. And now, so do I. After reading her post, I did a quick search of, querying for mystery and detective stories for YA (grades 7 and up)published in 2007. I got twenty hits, but most were, as Colleen suggested, for either general realistic or fantasy […]

>The E.B. White Readaloud Award

>has been announced today by the Association of Booksellers for Children: for picture books, the winner is When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Elise Broach and David Small (Simon & Schuster) and for older readers, The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart (Little, Brown). Congrats to all. I would personally like to give a […]