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Archives for June 2008

>June newsletter

>The June issue of Notes from the Horn Book should be in your inbox right now (if not, see it and sign up here). Included in this issue: Roger interviews Alexandra Day (Good Dog, Carl‘s mistress), recommends some picture books for dog and pony lovers, holds forth on some eagerly anticipated sequels, and makes a […]

>I’m-a the Most Happy Fella

>Richard and I are off to Napa today for the wedding of his adorable son Dorian to the lovely Julie, so I won’t be posting for a week or so. Kitty tells me she’ll keep you informed of any especially juicy gossip. Plenty of reading is coming along–the last quarter of Middlemarch, Ha Jin’s A […]

>Somebody owes Lisa Yee a Mac

> (Thanks to Lolly Robinson for the tip.)

>Comment spam?

>Blogger seems to be having various problems today and won’t let me post a couple of highly amusing pictures Lolly Robinson sent my way. What’s posting without interruption, however, are spam comments. Does anyone have any recommendations for curbing this? Word verification doesn’t seem to work anymore, and I hesitate to approve comments first because […]

>Web Watch June ’08

>Rachel’s latest edition of Web Watch, our online feature which links content from around the Internet with the books, authors and topics featured in the latest issue of the Horn Book Magazine, is up.