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Archives for July 2008

>September/October starred books

>The following books will receive starred reviews in the September/October issue of the Horn Book Magazine: Traction Man Meets Turbodog (Knopf) written and illustrated by Mini GreyGhosts in the House (Roaring Brook) written and illustrated by Kazuno KoharaThe Cardboard Piano (Greenwillow) written and illustrated by Lynne Rae PerkinsDinosaur vs. Bedtime (Hyperion) written and illustrated by […]

>A message from the future

>Simon & Schuster offers new picture book biographies of Hillary Clinton (Hillary Rodham Clinton: Dreams Taking Flight by Kathleen Krull and Amy June-Bates), Barack Obama (Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope, by Nikki Grimes and Bryan Collier), and John McCain (My Dad, John McCain by Meghan McCain and Dan Andreasen ). Of interest […]

>Are They Here?

>Does anyone else think it’s kind of wild that the New York Times published an op-ed warning us to take UFO’s more seriously? I mean, I will, I do, just strange to see it there. The TV debut of the Teletubbies was not at all surprising to those of us who had read John Christopher’s […]

>Actually, should you even be here?

>Is reading on the web going to destroy our children’s ability to read books? Does it matter? Here’s an excellent article on those questions. Have you noticed how much the web likes to talk about itself? That’s what I find worrying!

>And listen to ME (and Martha and Kitty)

>. . . as we talk about some of our favorite new summer reads for kids. A list of the books we discuss on the podcast can be found here.

>Listen to Grandma

>In reading Jill Lepore’s New Yorker account of the battle between E. B. White and Anne Carroll Moore, I couldn’t help finding my sympathies more with the old lady. Lepore seems to favor E. B. and Katharine White because they’re more sophisticated, the cool kids. Moore’s the earnest, humorless battle-axe, given to such pronouncements as […]

>Stick to Your Own Kind?

>I’m intrigued by Arthur Laurents’s plans to bring West Side Story to Broadway next winter in a “bilingual revival,” having the Puerto Rican characters speaking Spanish and otherwise making the show “more realistic.” (Here’s hoping he doesn’t try to set it in the present, though, because that gorgeous, swanky 1950s brass would sound as corny […]

>I’m still no Tim Gunn, but . . .

>Here is ALA Runway!


>When Richard and I went to Paris a few years ago, I was intent upon visiting the House of Balmain, where I purchased a beautiful tie from their small men’s collection. But I was less interested in shopping than I was in seeing the place where Valentine O’Neill began her career as a fashion designer. […]

She works hard for the money

Claire has a new book list devoted to careers. (And gosh darn, why didn’t I think to show her my treasured copy of Bruce Learns About Life Insurance?)