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Archives for July 2008

>Trivia question

>What novelist for children with more than three or four books to his or her name has never written a sequel? I ask because I’m surveying my books to be be reviewed for the September issue (surveying being far more entertaining than actually, you know, reviewing) and, like, six out of the seven novels are […]

>New Notes

>The new Notes from the Horn Book is hot off the virtual presses. In this issue we recommend some new books about the Olympics and China, make a truck stop for some new toddler tales, listen to some recent audiobooks, and ask R.L. Stine what scares him the most. Read and subscribe (it’s free) here. […]

>After the Gold Farm Rush

>Due to the enthusiastic spamming of the Chinese gold farm miners, I’ve enabled comment moderation on this blog, meaning that I have to approve your comment before it appears. But flare and flame away, as I’m only using it to stop spam (and, as before, off-topic personal attacks on others than myself). Not that a […]

>The breadth of children’s literature

>It’s a wide world, all right. I’m editing Guide reviews this week and got conceptual whiplash when I hit these two picture book reviews in a row: Harriet Dancing, by Ruth Symes and Caroline Jayne Church. “A hedgehog’s feelings are hurt when the dancing butterflies won’t let her join in.” Giant Meatball, by Robert Weinstock. […]

>ALA: the Long and Short of It

> The long pants: with Linda Sue Park at the N/C banquet; photo by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer The short pants: with Elizabeth Law and Doug Pocock at Disneyland; photo by lassoed stranger.

>Voice of the People

>I love Marla Frazee’s A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever (a BGHB honor book this year) but wondered about the audience. Lily Feldman clears that up for me.

>July/August Horn Book Magazine

>Get your collector’s edition now! While the limitations of technology (and the absence of a thrilling soundtrack and a screaming crowd) means that the tour de force with which Brian Selznick opened his Caldecott speech won’t have quite the same effect on paper, those same images can still be yours for as long as the […]

>We guys do love our schematics

>I’m so happy when a picture book for adults is published as just that. Like this one.