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Archives for December 2008

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>I review John Green’s Paper Towns and Kevin Brooks’s Black Rabbit Summer in the Times today. I had originally called the piece “Cherchez la Femme,” as both books are mysteries about boys looking for missing girls, but the Times in their wisdom retitled it. I like mine better but titles have to be the editor’s […]


>We’re doing an office clean-up today and uncovered something that seems far too relic-like for its relatively unadvanced age: an unabridged cassette recording of Ian McEwan’s Atonement. Narrated by Jill Tanner, it’s a superb rendition, but who knows from cassettes anymore?

>And the hits just keep on comin’

>We proudly present Fanfare 2008, the Horn Book’s choices for the best books of the year.

>January/February Stars

>The following books will receive starred reviews in the January/February issue of The Horn Book Magazine: The Tale of Two Mice (Candlewick) written and illustrated by Ruth BrownQuinito, Day and Night / Quinito, día y noche (Children’s Book Press) written by Ina Cumpiano, illustrated by José RamírezTen Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (Harcourt) written […]

>Houghton Mifflin Harcourt update

>While I could not get HMH to confirm or deny Jane Yolen’s claim that the children’s division was not bound by the no-submissions policy announced last week, I see from a Hillel Italie AP story that Joe-the-spokesman is apparently talking to someone. In a report of today’s resignation of adult trade publisher Becky Saletan, Italie […]

>My best friend

>and frequent commenter here is interviewed over at Cynsations. The photo is graciously intimidating and makes me think Lawzy has the potential to become a true dragon lady. Oh, but when we were young . . . never mind, let’s leave something for the memoir. On thing I’ll share, though, that Elizabeth did not: as […]

>The true luxury of hindsight: schadenfreude

>I’ve gotten behind on my New Yorkers–I subscribe to the audio edition–and am just now getting through October’s issues, which were filled with news and commentary about the upcoming election. It is infinitely more fun to read about this way–leisure to gloat, of course, but also no nervous tension. I’m getting an idea of why […]

>So You Don’t Have To

>Rachel watches the web for pertinent links to articles in the current issue of the Horn Book Magazine. Abe and Mary Todd on Facebook, even.