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Archives for February 2009

>Put It Where You Want It

>Debra Lau Whelan’s SLJ article on where librarians are shelving The Graveyard Book is classic shit-stirring. The article’s lead asks a question (“Where does the book belong—in the children’s area or in the teen section?”) and then goes on to give selective anecdotal evidence to conclude that any decision to put the book in YA […]

>What’s with all the flashbacks?

>I wish I could find this great example Florence King gave of a sentence filled with clauses and “had”s and “had had”s that indicated that an author “had failed to begin her story far enough back in time.” Flashbacks are ruining my prime-time experience. Lost, Heroes, Damages, even Without a Trace–it seems like they can’t […]

Cuba Libro Prohibito

Vamos a Cuba is back in the news. I’m glad that the Dade County schools are in such great shape that people can expend their energy on this.

Lurve is in the air

and Claire has been busily sighing and swooning on your behalf. See her latest booklist of love stories. Speaking of Claire, she’s been pushing me for years to read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, which I’m finally doing. And loving, not least for the following exchange, among the most indelible in American literature: The bird turned, […]

>The dangers of anecdotal research

>So this guy is estimating that Amazon has sold half a million Kindles. I have seen just two people, one months ago and one today, using them in public. Considering how many hours I spend on a subway, bus, train or plane I thought I would see many more, and I do look. So where […]

>Looking over his shoulder

>and not liking what he sees, Stephen King dismisses Stephenie Meyer as not able to “write worth a darn. She’s not very good.” What do you think possessed the old gas bag? Maybe he doesn’t like the way she spells her name? In mentioning his “formative influence” on J. K. Rowling and praising her work, […]

>Complete with pop-up nuns but no Nazis

>”Maria always said that ‘girls in white dresses’ were among her favorite things, but she never thought she would be one of them!”–from The Sound of Music: A Classic Collectible Pop-Up, forthcoming in August from S&S.

>More about money

>Boston Globe writer David Mehegan has a great piece on what’s going on at Houghton Mifflin. Don’t skip the comments, either–lots of perspectives from people who used to work there. And don’t miss the aforementioned Patsy Aldana expounding at some greater length on just what money and publishing have to do with each other, for […]

>Rachel’s last look around

>Rachel presents the Ultimate Web Watch (the new overlords may have something planned but we don’t know just what yet). And don’t miss the Cynsational interview with Groundwood publisher Patsy Aldana. That is one lady who tells it like it is: Over the course of your career, what are the most significant changes you’ve seen […]