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Archives for June 2009

>"The fanboys can be merciless."

>This Times article about the gypsies invading the castle of professional film criticism has a lot of import to the kidlitosphere as well, as amateur (I use the word in a strict sense) and independent critics join the established professional players in reviewing new books for children. I like what A. O. Scott has to […]

>The Twits

>I’m currently experimenting with Twitter as @Hornbook. Have already been asked by one user if our site is “SFW,” given our salacious name, I suppose. If you’re on there, say hello. In between twats I and the other Mag editors have been beavering away at the September special issue, theme song “Trouble.” It’s gonna be […]

New Notes

The June issue of Notes from the Horn Book should be in your inbox. I talk to Printz winner Gene Luen Yang, and we recommend some great new YA, middle-grade animal stories, picture books about summer, truck books for preschoolers and audiobooks for those long family drives. Enjoy! And Claire has a new list of […]

>You want car crashes? Yes, you do.

>Katie Roiphe’s Wall Street Journal article about dark days in YA literature is deja vu all over again and again. We last had major hand-wringing over the alleged bleakness of YA about a decade ago with the publication of books such as Norma Fox Mazer’s When She Was Good and Brock Cole’s The Facts Speak […]

>Think of the grownups.

>A discussion on child_lit about book reviews that give away a book’s plot twist or ending led NYPLer John Peters to post a link to Library Journal‘s announcement that it had begun editing its reviews with the reader–rather than the librarian selecting for that reader–in mind, as well as making them more Twitterific. Meaning: because […]

>Flunk reading, do not go directly to jail.

>Apparently some politicos are fond of spouting a factoid (please note correct usage, book reviewers everywhere) that links third-grade reading scores to the formulas states use to estimate their future requirements for prison beds. Not so. No word yet whether or not Baby Einstein foretells a playdate with Old Sparky.

>The 2009 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards

>have been announced.