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Archives for December 2009

>A question for the pop culture critics

>I’ve just started listening to an audiobook edition of Jane Eyre narrated by Juliet Stevenson. (Did anyone see her recent PBS Mystery turn? It was great.) Stevenson is terrific, but hearing the spooky scene in the Red Room makes me wonder if Stephen King has ever credited it as inspiration for the “Redrum” motif in […]

>January-February starred reviews

>The following books will receive starred reviews in the January-February issue of the Horn Book Magazine: Incarceron; by Catherine Fisher (Dial) Salt; by Maurice Gee (Orca) Half-Minute Horrors; edited by Susan Rich (HarperCollins) A Faraway Island; by Annika Thor (Delacorte) The Champion of Children: The Story of Janusz Korczak; by Tomek Bogacki (Foster/Farrar) An Eye […]

>Step away from the bar, ladies

>So SLJ is in trouble with some of its readers over their cover photo of some boozin’ bloggers. Honestly, you never know what’s going to bring in complaints–and Letters to the Editor are far more frequently objections than compliments. As Monica Edinger (first reprobate to the left) points out, you might expect objections to the […]

>Still to Come, My Pretties

>Beavering away here at our Fanfare list, which will be announced FIRST in Notes from the Horn Book, so sign up, you slugs. And we–that is, Lolly, mostly–are finishing up the January issue in glamtaborous full color and new features. Lolly has really knocked herself out working on it and the editorial staff has given […]