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Archives for April 2010

>What, you mean we’re not all pretty?

>Head over to the Tea Cozy for a good discussion of gender and book-blogging.

>Write on your hand instead

>Remember how creeped out everyone got when Amazon remotely deleted 1984 from Kindles everywhere? Well, this is creepier. Now they keep a record of what you underline.

>I’ll Take Things That Are Happening in the Future for $300, Alex

>1. It’s in the mail and features an interview with Margaret Wise Brown as well as some provocative thoughts on why a true respect for children’s books means not eating meat. 2. She’s illustrated some of the most beautiful picture books of the 20th and 21st century and is giving the annual Sutherland Lecture at […]

>Go Rimbaud and Go Johnny Go

>I’m reading Patti Smith’s Just Kids, her reminiscence of her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe, and she writes a lot about her adolescent passions in reading, from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs to Rimbaud and Verlaine. It’s making me wonder what the disaffected youth of today are reading. Born in 1946, Smith is pre-YA era, but do her […]

>R.I.P. Buster

> Our beloved Buster died last Friday, just after he attained his majority–he was twenty-one. That’s the guess, anyway–he came into my life when Betsy Hearne, out with her dog, saw him in a Chicago park for two days running and brought him into our office. For me. (If Betsy Hearne ever suggests you do […]

>And as a bonus, I would even shelve books.

>In my next life, I hope to come back as a children’s book writer with enough talent and poise to be invited by the wonderful Monika Schröder to visit the American embassy school in New Delhi. Linda Sue Park just got back.

>What these two things have in common is Stephenie Meyer

>The Atlantic would like to see more book banning. Their argument makes me recall a discussion with a friend who was living in Mexico during a particularly repressive time–she said something like “well, sure, if you say the wrong thing too loudly you risk getting arrested, but in the States you can yell your head […]

>With the movie starring the next Shia LaBeouf?

>This whole iPhone leak story sounds like a YA novel. The boy (probably pudgy) lives with his mysteriously unreachable single dad, who runs a bar (this will allow for lots of wisdom from the grizzled regulars). Our computer nerd antihero is completely uncool–until the day he finds a too-cool-to-be-true device made by the most powerful […]

>The power of art

> Baby Evelyn, a friend of Lolly’s, really likes to throw herself into her reading.

>April Notes

>With books about animals, archeology, alternate worlds, regular kids and dinosaurs PLUS an interview with Rita Williams-Garcia, author of One Crazy Summer, the latest issue of Notes from the Horn Book is now out.