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Archives for May 2010


> (Photo by SLJ’s Rocco Staino) I had a great time. SLJ’s Day of Dialog on Tuesday was packed (both the schedule and attendance) and while I don’t think our panel on the difference between graphic novels and picture books actually came up with any answers, we had a good time exploring the question. I […]

>Okay, everybody, outta bed!

>Let’s see if these boys can Make It Work


>The last time I was at BEA it was called ABA and I had just started working here. What I remember most, along with the glitz and giveaways that made ALA look like a sidewalk sale, was one renowned (his word) author of joke books coming over to angrily berate me for the fact that  […]

>What’s on your summer reading list?

>Here’s ours.  I’m getting a jump on the season with War and Remembrance, just perfect for a lazy rainy afternoon sitting on the porch of the old Cape Cod cottage I do not possess. In cleaning out the basement this weekend, I also found my forty-year-old copy of Nicholas and Alexandra, which I devoured one […]

>Grief counselors were at the scene this weekend

>when we hosted Buster’s old friend Typhoon. Really, couldn’t you tell him anything?

>2010 Gryphon Award

>Okay, this is not new news, as I spaced the email from the CCB when I got it a few months ago, but I still want to pass the word about the Gryphon Award, given by the University of Illinois’s GSLIS/Center for Children’s Books. The 2010 award goes to “the author of an outstanding English […]

>Calling out the Twi-moms

>Personally, I’m Team DCS Foyle, but you know who you are.

>New Notes, summer’s coming

>The new issue of Notes from the Horn Book is out, with Laura Vaccaro (look at the photo; you can totally see they’re related) Seeger at the beach; graduation gifts, concept books, new YA novels, etc. etc.

Books in the Home: The Boy Ramona

After a particularly hard day at school, my then nine-year-old son, Rory, forlornly and aptly announced, “I think I’m the boy Ramona.” Rory is thirteen now, and he continues to turn to books and their characters for escape and solace as he sets out to slay the particular dragon that he and Beverly Cleary’s protagonist […]

>Congrats to Siobhán!

>Via childlit, I have learned that Siobhán Parkinson has been named Ireland’s first laureate for children’s literature. Read her bristling article on the Famine in children’s books to clear the faery dew from yer head.