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Archives for August 2012

KidLit Election 2012: Republican primary results are in!

The Republican party is honored to announce the 2012 election ticket: presidential nominee Jamie Kincaid and running mate Edward Cullen. The battle was hard-fought, with a certain avian write-in candidate flying very close to the top spot. And don’t count out Janie Gibbs for a run in 2016 — BOOM! Below, Mr. Kincaid and Mr. […]

KidLit Election 2012: Republican primary polls OPEN NOW

Our Republican candidates Edward Cullen, Jamie Kincaid, and Janie Gibbs have presented their presidential platforms for your consideration. (A fourth candidate has withdrawn.) Now it’s time to make your voice heard! Voting on the Republican ballot opens now and closes at noon tomorrow, Friday, August 31st. We invite you to campaign for your favorite candidate […]

A message from Janie Gibbs, Republican presidential candidate

My presidential candidacy can be summed up in one word: boom! Most politicians are liars and, as my friend Harriet would say, finks, but I’m here to blow the lid off government by taking a hard line against parents, phonies, and forced participation in dance class. I’m a scientist, but not one of those do-gooder […]

Review of Mom, It’s My First Day 
of Kindergarten!

 Mom, It’s My First Day 
of Kindergarten! by Hyewon Yum; illus. by the author Preschool, Primary    Foster/Farrar    40 pp. 7/12    978-0-374-35004-8    $16.99    g “Mom, wake up!” In the art, a young boy looms large, while his mom appears small and kind of blue (as in “sad,” though she’s also pale blue from head to toe). […]

A message from The Pigeon, Republican presidential candidate

  Right now Washington politics is for the birds! No one there can agree on anything. Nothing EVER gets accomplished. And pige— I mean, people don’t get what they want! In the past, I’ve been a victim of this injustice. I’ve lived on the streets and known hardship. But I’m no longer willing to sit […]

A message from Jamie Kincaid, Republican presidential candidate

I may be rich, but I know the importance of fiscal responsibility. I got where I am today by scrimping and saving — my allowance, birthday money, Christmas money, occasional gambling winnings… It’s undecent for our government to spend taxpayers’ hard-earned money willy-nilly on extravagances like hot fudge sundaes and welfare programs. As a nation […]

A message from Edward Cullen, Republican presidential candidate

You talk about your freedom, your independence, but I know what you really want: protection. Not just from the random cars and predators that dog your path, but from your own weak self and unholy cravings. I will always be with you. My voice, my hypnotic eyes, the magnetic force of my personality — all […]


Everybody gets a vote in the Horn Book elections! The Repubs are nominating this week and the Dems the next. Don’t miss our election coverage as it develops.

Core Publishing

You can sometimes feel like the Old Stage Manager in this job, watching ’em all come and go for their hour upon the stage. Big picture books, little picture books, good girls and bad girls, vampires, angels, fallen angels, books for boys, fantasy, and realism. The players have producers: not just publishers but also the […]

The Horn Book Magazine — September/October 2012

  Table of Contents   Features Philip Nel 10 Artists Are to Watch Crockett Johnson, Ruth Krauss, and the FBI. Christine M. Heppermann 20 Whitney and Me Confessions of a work-for-hire diva. Susan C. Griffith 27 “So the Very Young Know and Understand” Reframing the discussion of Theodore Taylor’s The Cay. Columns Roger Sutton 7 […]