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Archives for April 2013

Editorial: Everybody Wants 
to Be a Teenager

I had to chuckle when I first read Jeanne Birdsall’s article (“Middle Grade Saved My Life”) about the attempted land grab by YA of middle-grade books. Not just in recognition, but at how I see this work in sort-of reverse, too: I’ll get calls from writers and publishers of books for adults, asking if their […]

Anna Dewdney’s Fostering Lifelong Learners conference speech

My mother is a writer, and as a small child, I would wander into her office and look through the magazines scattered across her desk. I remember wondering why the magazines were called The Horn Book, because they didn’t seem to be about horns, and also why they had the neat covers, even though the […]

Delirium Stories

There are some story worlds readers just don’t want to leave behind. This has happened to me oh so many times: I race to the end of book, breathlessly finish, and then feel totally abandoned. I read the acknowledgements, the author’s information, and then I sit, staring, wishing there were more. With Delirium Stories: Hana, […]

More Than Just the Facts: A Hundred Years of Children’s Nonfiction

by James Cross Giblin There are now in Europe about ten thousand public and private vehicles that are self-moving. They are usually called “automobiles.”. . . It is thought that there are now about three hundred such vehicles in this country. The automobile is the coming vehicle. We shall see it in all our cities […]

Not-So-Trivial Pursuits: The Wrong Plot

By James Cross Giblin Sometimes you think you’ve finished the research for a key section in a nonfiction book, and then something occurs that makes you realize you’ve got it all wrong. This happened to me recently in connection with a book I’m working on about silent screen star Lillian Gish and her discoverer and […]

Early Notes on Early Learning

From Dr. Robert Needlman explaining the difference between babies falling asleep and learning how to go to asleep, through Cambridge librarians Julie Roach and Beth McIntyre coaching us through selecting books for preschool story time to Anna Dewdney using photographs to demonstrate how to transform unpleasant expressions on family members faces into picture book gold, […]

Oz, the Great and Powerful, or, Why it pays to have low expectations

Or, Maybe I’ve Gotten Less Discerning Since Having a Second Kid. I recently saw Oz, the Great and Powerful (Disney, March 2013; PG) in IMAX 3-D. Having read mostly 2-2.5-star reviews, I wasn’t expecting much. But when their grandparents are willing and available to babysit your two small children (“Go, see a movie!”), it doesn’t […]

Photos from Fostering Lifelong Learners

Pictures from the Fostering Lifelong Learners conference. Photos by Shara Hardeson. For more on the day-long event, click here.

World Book Night kick-off event

Every year on April 23rd, World Book Night provides volunteers with specially-printed free books to distribute in their communities. Each volunteer selects a title from a list of thirty adult, YA, and children’s books, then picks up twenty copies from a local bookstore or library. Which book would you choose? On Monday, fellow Horn Booker […]

April’s Nonfiction Notes

This afternoon subscribers to our monthly newsletter Notes from the Horn Book receive its nonfiction counterpart Nonfiction Notes. Editor in chief Roger Sutton has an important (and happy!) announcement about the newsletter’s schedule. You’ll also find reviews of recommended nonfiction books for all grade levels, covering these subjects: – the Holocaust – explorers and exploration […]