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Lift Every Voice: “Four Women” and Me

Photo: Jati LindsayWhen I was fourteen, my mother caught me lumbering down the hallway toward my room cradling a turntable. The turntable was hers and had been in the family for decades, stored in the basement of our house. I’d never heard any sound come from it. Not at the...

Jason Reynolds's 2018 Lesley University commencement speech

Jason Reynolds. Photo: Mark TeiwesGreetings, President Weiss, the provost, the board of trustees, Dean Katz, members of the Lesley University faculty, proud parents, and, above all, graduates.The first thing I would like to say is, thank you. Thank you for inviting me, of all people, to come tell you what...

Giant (for Christopher Myers)

You knowI ain’t never met a giantWho can make thingsGiants usually break thingsUnmake thingsBut not youYou make thingsYou build worldsAnd road mapsAnd treasure mapsYou build treasuresAnd hide gold coins in the palmsOf small handsHow you be so swift anyway?How everybody see you comingBut nobody see it coming?You knowI never met...

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