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Interview with Self

Richard Jackson: Thank you for doing this.   My pleasure. What’s the old adage? Say something, see something...  RJ: After some fifty years of working as an editor and publisher, you began writing picture books in...?  2013. In April of that year, I accompanied Brian Floca, as his editor, to an...

B: A Profile of Brian Floca

An editor’s dream — smart authors, smart artists. They save so much time. That is, they’re up to speed without undue heaving or the need for sand on the tracks (see Locomotive for more on the subject). My subject in this tribute is someone who is all three: author, artist,...


I came to the word business by a curious route. I was drafted into the army in 1958 – a college graduate – and thought for sure I'd land some office job because I could type and speak the language. So, naturally, I was made a first machine gunner and...

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