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A Note from Me (Aug 28, 2020)

Dear friends: You know, ever since I was babbling about prime numbers here and here, I’ve been insisting upon them, whether we crank the TV to volume twenty-three rather than twenty-two or I eat seventeen frozen Spice Drops for my snack rather than fifteen. Numbers are everywhere. I’m glad my...

Say Hello to Your Friends, Again: The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix

I have, you might say, some attachment to Ann M. Martin’s Baby-Sitters Club books. Enough that when a friend suggested a group viewing party of the new Netflix series over Zoom, the answer was, of course. And enough that if the new series had messed up our beloved series, we...

Baby Ross, meet baby Rachel: The new craze of TV-to-book adaptations

Have you heard? Publishers are turning to popular adult television shows for picture book inspiration. Here are some forthcoming titles.   N Is for Nothing (inspired by Seinfeld) Law and Order: D Is for Dun Dun Orange Is the New Black: A Colors Primer Knope Says Yes!: A Parks and...

#TBTV: Children’s Classics, All Grown Up

Update, 4/2: We're sad to say that #TBTV is not a thing — as much as we wish it were! Thanks as usual to the witty Shoshana Flax, our #AprilFools mastermind.Nostalgia is in, and new streaming service #TBTV (that’s “Throwback Television”) is on trend with its lineup of shows that...

Anne with an E series review

“Were those women — Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Hammond — good to you?” asked Marilla, looking at Anne out of the corner of her eye.“O-o-o-h,” faltered Anne…”Oh, they meant to be — I know they meant to be just as good and kind as possible.” —Anne of Green Gables chapter...

Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate very many unfortunate events

There’s not much I can say about Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events mini-series that hasn’t already been said (here, here, and here, for instance). I binge-watched the whole durn thing over a single weekend, and I’m not sorry. I started watching and fell instantly in love.I'm most impressed by...

Jeremy Fisher, rock star

We recently received Peter Rabbit: Jeremy Fisher Rocks Out (Penguin/Warne, May 2015), part of a series of paperback picture books adapted from the Peter Rabbit TV show.Jeremy might be rockin' out, but I'd bet Beatrix is rolling over. (Not that she's likely ever stopped rolling over.)For more on Beatrix Potter,...

Once upon a TV screen

I just watched the pilot episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, a dark-ish fairy-tale show from Lost’s executive producers. In the first scene, Snow White (played by Ginnifer Goodwin, Margene from Big Love) lays lies in a glass coffin, apparently dead. A kiss from her prince wakes Snow, as...

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