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Review of Nice Try, Charlie!

Nice Try, Charlie! by Matt James; illus. by the author Primary    Groundwood    48 pp.    g 9/20    978-1-77306-180-1    $18.95 e-book ed.  978-1-77306-181-8    $16.95 Sporting a full beard, shaggy hair, and a wide-brimmed hat, Charlie roams his neighborhood finding things: an old television, a pair of mismatched oven mitts (and Aunt Myrtle’s...

Review of Everything Naomi Loved

Everything Naomi Loved by Katie Yamasaki and Ian ­Lendler; illus. by Katie Yamasaki Primary    Norton    48 pp.    g 9/20    978-1-324-00491-2    $18.95 e-book ed.  978-1-324-00492-9    $17.48 Naomi lives on busy, bustling 11th Street — “It wasn’t pretty but it was alive!” — where she and her best friend Ada love to...

Review of Off to See the Sea

Off to See the Sea by Nikki Grimes; illus. by Elizabeth Zunon Preschool    Sourcebooks    32 pp.    g 1/21    978-1-4926-3829-2    $17.99 It’s bath time for the child we first met in Bedtime for Sweet Creatures (rev. 1/20), and once again the youngster’s mother is the narrator. As in many households, here...

Review of The Bear in My Family

The Bear in My Family by Maya Tatsukawa; illus. by the author Preschool, Primary    Dial    32 pp.    g 3/20    978-0-525-55582-7    $17.99 e-book ed.  978-0-525-55583-4    $10.99 A child asserts that there is a bear in his family, and indeed the illustrations show a little boy sharing space with a large gray creature. “Scary, right?” The...

Review of The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore; illus. by Loren Long Primary    Harper/HarperCollins    40 pp.    g 9/20    978-0-06-286946-3    $18.99 Long’s inclusive take on Moore’s poem focuses on four different families in four diverse dwellings: a country farmhouse, a city apartment, a trailer home, and a house in the tropics....

Review of Prairie Days

Prairie Days by Patricia MacLachlan; illus. by Micha Archer Primary    McElderry    40 pp. 5/20    978-1-4424-4191-0    $17.99 In this nostalgic idyll set on the American prairie (judging by clues in the illustrations, in the mid-twentieth-century), a young girl describes summertime farm life as she and the other children ride horses, take...

Review of Your Name Is a Song

Your Name Is a Song by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow; illus. by Luisa Uribe Preschool, Primary    Innovation    40 pp.    g 7/20    978-1-943147-72-4    $16.99 e-book ed.  978-1-943147-91-5    $10.99 Roll call can be difficult for a child with an unusual name. A young girl describes how her name “got stuck” in her teacher’s mouth...

Review of Ten Ways to Hear Snow

Ten Ways to Hear Snow by Cathy Camper; illus. by Kenard Pak Preschool, Primary    Kokila/Penguin    32 pp.    g 10/20    978-0-399-18633-2    $23.99 e-book ed.  978-0-593-11123-9    $11.99 When she wakes to discover that it blizzarded the night before, Lina isn’t deterred from her plans to walk to see her grandmother (in Arabic,...

Review of Can Bears Ski?

Can Bears Ski? by Raymond Antrobus; illus. by Polly Dunbar Primary    Candlewick    40 pp.    g 11/20    978-1-5362-1266-2    $16.99 Bear’s home is loud — full of Dad Bear’s rumbling, shaking, and trembling — and our protagonist enjoys the commotion. Perplexingly, though, Dad and everyone else seems to keep asking, “Can bears...
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