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Review of One Real American: They Life of Ely S. Parker, Seneca Sachem and Civil War General

One Real American: The Life of Ely S. Parker, Seneca Sachem and Civil War General by Joseph Bruchac Middle School    Abrams    248 pp.    g 10/20    978-1-4197-4657-4    $18.99 e-book ed.  978-1-64700-163-6    $15.54 Ely (“pronounced, he always said, to rhyme with freely”) Samuel Parker was “a man who more than any other...

Review of The Magic Fish

The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen; illus. by the author Middle School    RH Graphic/Random    256 pp.   g 10/20    978-0-593-12529-8    $23.99 Library ed.  978-1-9848-5160-4    $26.99 Paper ed.  978-1-9848-5159-8    $16.99 e-book ed.  978-1-9848-5161-1    $10.99 In this imaginative graphic novel, thirteen-year-old Vietnamese American boy Tin and his Vietnamese-refugee seamstress mother, Hin, have...

Review of Your House, My House

Your House, My House by Marianne Dubuc; illus. by the author; trans. from French by Yvette Ghione Preschool, Primary    Kids Can    24 pp.    g 10/20    978-1-5253-0490-3    $18.99 e-book ed.  978-1-5253-0573-3    $9.99 “It’s the start of a new day at 3 Maple Street. But not just any day — it’s Little...

Review of Mexique: A Refugee Story from the Spanish Civil War

Mexique: A Refugee Story from the Spanish Civil War by María José Ferrada; illus. by Ana Penyas; trans. from Spanish by Elisa Amado Primary, Intermediate    Eerdmans    40 pp.    g 10/20    978-0-8028-5545-9    $17.99 In the spring of 1937, the ship Mexique sailed from France to Mexico with 456 Spanish refugees, all...

Review of Return of the Thief

Return of the Thief [Queen’s Thief] by Megan Whalen Turner Middle School, High School    Greenwillow    480 pp.    g 10/20    978-0-06287-447-4    $18.99 e-book ed.  978-0-06287-448-1    $12.99 Pheris, the heretofore-unknown heir of the traitorous Baron Erondites, is sent to be raised in the Attolian court. Possessing a keen intellect, Pheris has nevertheless...

Review of Sato the Rabbit

Sato the Rabbit by Yuki Ainoya; illus. by the author; trans. from Japanese by Michael Blaskowsky Primary    Enchanted Lion    64 pp.    g 2/21    978-1-59270-296-1    $16.95 Sato is a little boy in a rabbit costume, a kind of Japanese second cousin to Max in his wolf suit. In a set of...

Review of Everything Comes Next: Collected & New Poems

Everything Comes Next: Collected & New Poems by Naomi Shihab Nye; illus. by Rafael López Intermediate, Middle School    Greenwillow    256 pp.    g 9/20    978-0-06-301345-2    $17.99 e-book ed.  978-0-06-301347-6    $9.99 A substantial volume of poems by Nye, the Palestinian American poet and current Young People’s Poet Laureate, is a pleasure on...

Review of The Cat I Never Named: A True Story of Love, War, and Survival

The Cat I Never Named: A True Story of Love, War, and Survival by Amra Sabic-El-Rayess with Laura L. Sullivan High School    Bloomsbury    384 pp.    g 9/20    978-1-5476-0453-1    $19.99 e-book ed.  978-1-5476-0455-5    $13.99 This suspenseful memoir, set between 1992 and 1998, opens just before the author’s northwestern Bosnian town of...

Review of Pity Party

Pity Party by Kathleen Lane Middle School    Little, Brown    208 pp.    g 1/21    978-0-316-41736-5    $16.99 e-book ed.  978-0-316-41735-8    $9.99 Katya is a nervous middle schooler whose fertile imagination defaults to disaster. The voice in her head warns of poisoned Halloween candy, looming social ostracism, imminent acne, and rabid raccoons. In...
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