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About Amy Seto Forrester, Amanda Foulk, and Misti Tidman

Although they work in libraries separated by many miles, Amy Seto Forrester (Children's Librarian at the Denver Public Library, Denver, Colorado.), Amanda Foulk (K-12 Specialist at Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento, California), and Misti Tidman (Collection Development Librarian for Youth Materials at the Mansfield/Richland County (Ohio) Public Library) served together on the 2016 Geisel Award Committee. They created Guessing Geisel as a platform to spark conversations that would expand understanding of the award criteria, provide assistance to those planning Mock Geisels across the country, and celebrate good books for beginning readers.

CaldeGeisel 2018

We here at Calling Caldecott thought it would be fun to have a visit today from the three librarians who run the show over at Guessing Geisel, the blog that celebrates beginning readers and annually runs a mock vote for the Geisel Award (just as we will soon have a mock Caldecott vote here). Amy, […]