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Carie Little Hersh

About Carie Little Hersh

Carie Little Hersh is a Teaching Professor in Anthropology at Northeastern University. Between writing for her public anthropology blog,, and piloting a podcast, Anthropologist on the Street, she reads relentlessly, especially to her two kids. She's also very, very tired.

Interview with a Highly Sensitive 8-year-old reader

My eight-year-old daughter is a voracious reader, devouring mysteries, dramas, action/adventure, and fantasy books at, frankly, an alarming pace. It’s not surprising that three of her friends gave her books for her birthday and that she immediately dove in to read them. What was surprising was when, halfway through one of the books — A […]

Don’t Read These Books to Your Children! (Without a Heck of a Lot of Context)

Talking to kids about race can be intimidating for parents—particularly for white parents in the U.S., who tend to delay the conversation almost ten years after black and Latino families broach the subject. But white parents need to talk to their kids about race: it’s one of those necessary evils involved in raising kids who […]

Reading Race and Power in Fantasy

When my daughter was three or four, we would play a computer game together where she would have to choose an avatar to represent herself. To the game’s credit, there were at least twelve options for girls, with all different skin colors and hair colors and styles. Inevitably, my very pale daughter would select a […]

Of Fantasy and Daughters

I read my daughter’s first fantasy book to her when she was one week old. Every evening I swaddled her up and rocked her to sleep while reading aloud another chapter of Diana Wynne Jones’s Howl’s Moving Castle. What else was I supposed to do with a tiny speechless creature with big eyes who only wanted […]