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Eugene Yelchin

About Eugene Yelchin

Eugene Yelchin is a 2018 National Book Award finalist for The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge (Candlewick), with co-creator M. T. Anderson, and the recipient of a Newbery Honor for Breaking Stalin’s Nose (Holt). He received the National Jewish Book Award for illustrating The Rooster Prince of Breslov (Clarion).

The Book That Changed My Life: A Dangerous Book

My high-school classmate Lena B. told me that one of the female characters in Doctor Zhivago was based on her grandmother. I had never heard of Doctor Zhivago. “What’s the big deal?” I said. “It’s just a book.” She was appalled. Lena moved in the dissident circles closely watched by the KGB (place: USSR; time: […]

Mocking Moscow

Historically, mistrust of the government-controlled dispersal of information forced ordinary Russian citizens to rely on jokes in order to bring a measure of truth to the falsehoods manufactured by the State. In the wake of any newsworthy event, jokes sprang up like mushrooms after a rain. The criminal Soviet past, for example, has always been […]

The Price of Truth

My novel Breaking Stalin’s Nose is a book about a young boy’s 
discovery of truth, his loss of idealism, and his subsequent decision 
to walk away from the system he trusted. The boy’s transformation mirrors my own. I also discovered truth about the system I trusted, and I also walked away from it. But unlike […]