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Kristin Cashore

About Kristin Cashore

Kristin Cashore's latest book is Bitterblue (2012).

Different Drums: Embracing the Strange

The Horn Book Magazine asked Kristin Cashore, “What’s the strangest children’s book you’ve ever enjoyed?” “So very annoying, this volcano,” says Moominmamma with a sigh, flicking soot from her (substantial) nose and thinking of the nice new washing she’s hung out. And it is annoying, as are the associated earthquakes and the flood wave that […]

Hot Dog, Katsa!

The author of fantasy has fewer limitations than the author of realism. Anything is fair, right? Armoured bears and tiny spies who ride dragonflies. Surgical enhancements that give a person Special superhuman powers for running, climbing, and flying. A reality-show arena as big as a city, with genetically modified animal-monsters to prey on the contestants. […]