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About Liza Cortright

Liza Cortright is an editorial intern at The Horn Book, Inc.

Lizzie Bennet’s Diary

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen adaptations have been very nearly done to death. It is a testament to its classic status that Pride and Prejudice has made it gracefully through such a broad gamut of re-envisionings and reinterpretations, from a Bollywood setting to a zombie mash-up to a modern-day vlog. Marcia […]

The whole song and…book?

I’m going to come straight out and admit it­ — I’m kind of a choir nerd. Or at least, I was in high school. So when I pulled Sleep (Acroterion, August 2013) by Charles Anthony Silvestri from a box this morning, a familiar chord sounded somewhere in the recesses of my mind (nope, not sorry […]

Pondhopping: Spotlight on Flying Eye Press

The Horn Book’s publications don’t typically review books from the UK, but when several intriguing titles from a new imprint crossed my desk, I thought they deserved mention. Flying Eye Books, a children’s book imprint of UK publisher Nobrow Press, started up in February of 2013 with the goal “to bring you the most beautifully […]

Animal sounds

It seems like lately everyone’s been asking “What does the fox say?” but children’s books have been asking this question (and others like it) since long before it was cool. Not only are animal noises fun and engaging for children to read aloud or say along, but the variety of these noises shows kids that […]