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Ron Koertge

About Ron Koertge

Poet, author, and humorist Ron Koertge’s latest book is Now Playing: Stoner & Spaz II (Candlewick).


It begins with dissatisfaction. Over, of all things, rapunzel. The herb, the seasoning. Not the beautiful Rapunzel. A pregnant wife (at last!), a witch’s garden next door. The missus just has to have some rapunzel. Of course the husband gets caught. The witch curses him as he stands there with a handful of pungent rapunzel. […]


Mother Goose waddled to the window. Ah, there was the moon, perfect and round, its light streaming into bedrooms everywhere. She sighed.Mother Goose was upset. How could parents say that…word, that awful word, to their children? How could they use it in front of innocent little darlings almost fast asleep? Their drowsy eyes. Well-washed hands […]

Tell the Truth, but Tell It Slant: What Makes a Good Poem?

I might be working with kids labeled disadvantaged or gifted; it might be librarians or English teachers (also disadvantaged or gifted). I write the same thing on the board every time: The wounded soldier staggered past the house. Then I ask what’s wrong (I use the word wrong because I’m bold and reckless). Usually everybody […]