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Tarie Sabido

About Tarie Sabido

Tarie Sabido is the Chair of the Philippine Board on Books for Young People and co-founder of the Filipino ReaderCon. She blogs about Asian children's and young adult books at Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind (

Stop That Yawn!

This is not a bedtime story. On the cover are yawning people and animals — they’re already half asleep! — but in the middle of them all is a little girl and her cat, and they’re wide awake. The girl has brown skin and locs, and everything about her, from her bright eyes and rosy […]

How It Feels to Be a Boat

The cover of How It Feels to Be a Boat, written and illustrated by James Kwan, promises a sailing adventure. There’s music in the air and a boat with whimsical passengers in high spirits. On the back cover, baby yellow elephants on rocks watch the boat chug along. The boat is right at the edge […]