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Review of Silent Days, Silent Dreams

Silent Days, Silent Dreams by Allen Say; illus. by the author Intermediate, Middle School    Levine/Scholastic    64 pp. 10/17    978-0-545-92761-1    $21.99 Born in 1899, James Castle was a deaf, self-taught artist in Idaho who created prodigiously — and privately, until a gallery “discovered” him in his middle age. Say imagines a biography for Castle (told from […]

Silent Days, Silent Dreams

Like many of you, I reckon, I did not know about artist James Castle until I read Silent Days, Silent Dreams by Allen Say. Castle is described as deaf, mute, autistic, and probably dyslexic, yet for over 70 years he created a staggering range of stunningly original folk art objects. In this fictionalized, biographical treatment […]

>The Boy in the Garden and Two Great Ladies

>I review Allen Say’s latest book in the Times today. I had been hoping that book, along with Anita Lobel’s Nini Lost and Found might figure in the ALA lists and awards but do they listen to me? In any case, we’ve made a beautiful cover from Nini‘s art for the forthcoming Horn Book Guide. […]