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Welcoming everyone to the neighborhood

When I saw Welcome to My Neighborhood: A Barrio ABC at the library, I was immediately intrigued. I am always interested in books about people of color and since my daughter is half Latina, I wanted to see what this book was about. I’m all for “keeping it real,” but when I read the first […]

Metamorphabet app review

In Metamorphabet (Vectorpark, 2015), each (uppercase) letter of the alphabet appears on a brightly colored background. Tap the featured letter to initiate its animated transformation into a short series of visual representations of words beginning with that letter: J to jiggle to juggle to jelly fish. A somewhat monotone female narrator speaks the letter’s name, […]

Wee Alphas: Find Your Special Letter app review

Developer Wee Society’s alphabet app Wee Alphas: Find Your Special Letter (2012) is “designed to encourage positive interactions between preschoolers and grown-ups” in addition to supporting pre-literacy skills. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by an animal whose species and name correspond to that letter, e.g., Eli the elephant, Sidney the squirrel. The menagerie […]

Endless Alphabet app review

I’m glad to see a new addition from Callaway Digital Arts, developer of the well-executed Monster at the End of This Book app. In the educational Endless Alphabet (January 2013), young users explore the alphabet, spelling, and vocabulary. Users may begin the app with any letter of the alphabet by tapping it on the root menu, […]

X Is for X-Ray app review

Touch Press, developers of such apps as The Elements and March of the Dinosaurs, presents X Is for X-Ray (2011), an interactive alphabet book designed to elucidate the ins and outs of everyday objects through x-ray photography. With a series of swipes and pinches (swipe up for natural light, down for x-ray, left and right […]

Letters with Pooh app review

With nothing but empty honey pots and a serious rumbly in his tummy, Winnie the Pooh sets out in search of a snack in Letters with Pooh, an interactive educational app from Disney Learning! (October 2012). Young users help Pooh track down fresh honey in a beehive at the top of a tall tree by […]