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Two picture-book, read-alike suggestions for the new royal parents (it’s a boy!)

His Royal Highness, King Baby: A Terrible True Story by Sally Lloyd-Jones; illus. by David Roberts Primary    Candlewick    48 pp. 9/17    978-0-7636-9793-8    $16.99 “Once upon a time, there was a Happy Family” consisting of a mother, father, daughter (shown with tights on her head simulating long, blonde, princess-y hair), and pet gerbil. Life was grand […]

Bonding with books

I’ve never considered myself the maternal type. I even surprised myself when one day I said to my husband, “Let’s have a munchkin.” “From Dunkin Donuts?” he asked. But no, I was thinking about babies. Several of my close friends were expecting, and all the tiny socks and onesies that assigned cheeky personalities to a […]

Of Fantasy and Daughters

I read my daughter’s first fantasy book to her when she was one week old. Every evening I swaddled her up and rocked her to sleep while reading aloud another chapter of Diana Wynne Jones’s Howl’s Moving Castle. What else was I supposed to do with a tiny speechless creature with big eyes who only wanted […]