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Book caravan clippings | full size images

Book Caravan diary transcriptions

During the Book Caravan‘s second summer of traveling around New England, operators Ruth Drake and Pauline Langley, two young Bookshop employees, kept a diary of their experiences. While Bertha Mahony’s venture failed to make a profit, it succeeded in spreading the word about great books for children and adults. Friday, 29 July 1921 Wenham day […]

Book caravan clippings

For more about the Book Caravan, read Barbara Bader’s Horn Book Magazine article, “Treasure Island by the Roadside.” We also offer a slideshow of photos of the Caravan and transcriptions of selected pages from the caravan diary. For full-size images of these clippings, go to this page. Apparently, all the major newsreel companies ran features […]

The Bookshop’s Book Caravan

In the summers of 1920 and 1921, Bertha Mahony had a truck outfitted to sell books and trained two booksellers from her Bookshop for Boys and Girls to drive and maintain it. Though the Book Caravan was a commercial flop, it got plenty of attention in its day, including featured stories by all the movie […]

Treasure Island by the Roadside

On a July morning in 1920, a strange, hybrid vehicle headed north out of Boston for a summer’s tour of New England towns and villages, for all the world like a traveling circus or a band of puppeteers. Aboard were a pair of young women with a working knowledge, between them, of auto mechanics, shopkeeping, […]