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>Go flame her

>But, Lord, I now adore this woman even more.

>What good do do-good books do?

>I just received a press release from HarperCollins for Declare Yourself: Speak. Connect. Vote. 50 Celebrated Americans Tell You Why (Greenwillow, May), a compendium of essays about the importance of voting and civic participation by such allegedly teen-friendly names as Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) and Atoosa Rubinstein (a name I know only because Gawker makes fun […]

>Vote for Claire!

>cuz she’s got a new booklist up about politics. And speaking of which, did anyone catch Al Gore on 30 Rock last night? He’s huge.

>Back from NYC

>and a fine trip it was. Monday evening I had the chance to meet scads of people from the child_lit listserv including its creator Michael Joseph, whose glasses I want but don’t think I could pull off (him or on me). The food was just-okay–wild boar shouldn’t be as boring as this one was–but the […]

>Oops! I did it again

>Via a colleague, I was recently warned by someone “just trying to be helpful” to refrain from political commentary on this blog. The thinking was that making fun of Republicans was not good for children’s books, the one place, apparently, where we all get along. And children’s books have certainly been good to the Republicans. […]

>Sometimes the Jokes Just Write Themselves

>Like here.

>Did you really think that invitation was because they liked you?

>I really like Gail Gauthier’s take on Jenna Bush’s book deal. Let’s wait to see the book (which will be about a Panamanian teen single mother with HIV) before we trash it. I for one am grateful it isn’t a picture book about self-esteem (the inexplicable praise given Jamie Lee Curtis notwithstanding), and in fact, […]