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Childhood, Stories, and Politics

by Vera B. Williams One of my childhood pleasures was riding on my father’s shoulders to see and be part of the great crowds gathered for the May 1st international workers’ celebration that was socialist in origin and long preceded our Labor Day. I also took part in the traditional May Day ritual at my […]

The Needle in the Nightlight

In a book called Zero to Lazy Eight: The Romance of Numbers, the chapter on the number seven includes this paragraph: In both the Roman Catholic Church and the Islamic faith, seven is the age of reason. Muslims below that age are not expected to observe the rituals of prayer and fasting that form a […]

Escalating Offenses

“I admit I’ve made mistakes, but I’m not a bad human being.” It was a phrase I heard dozens of times during the series of prison interviews I conducted. The young, articulate man who sat on the opposite side of the long table had gunned down two guards in a botched armored car robbery. Both […]