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On Ashley Waring’s “Reading on the Spectrum” (from Sept/Oct 2010)

“Many people see Ferdinand as a pacifist. I see him as a bull on the autism spectrum: confined to a private world, comforted by his rituals.” Children’s librarian and mom of a son with autism, Ashley Waring writes about her struggles with and strategies for engaging her child in books in her article, “Reading on […]

Reading on the Spectrum

Life with my two young sons is a study in contrasts. Alden (almost five) is high-strung; Griffin (my two-year-old) is mellow. Alden couldn’t care less about food; Griffin lives to eat. Alden keeps to himself; Griffin never stops talking. Alden has autism; Griffin does not. That last contrast is a biggie, and undoubtedly a contributing […]

Connections: History Changes Color: A Story in Three Parts

When Carter Woodson started Negro History Week in 1926, he wanted the world to know that his people, too, had a history — something his own people had been prevented from learning. What Arna Bontemps didn’t learn as a boy, he put into books for black children and white. Who’d imagine a whole month of […]