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Horn Book Crossover Week roundup

We’ve had lots of fun “crossing over” this week, on Out of the Box, with our adult-to-children’s-to-adult-books crossover authors. Here’s a recap: Shannon Hale started it all, with Roger reading Austenland Crossover authors A-K, from Alexie to Kinsella Crossover authors M-Y, from Maguire to Yancy (plus special bonus Gaiman!) Authors whose books go both ways: […]

On crossing over: straight from the horses’ mouths

Why do some authors “cross over” from writing adult to children’s books or children’s to adult? To find out, we went straight to the source. Shopaholic series author Sophie Kinsella (“The Queen of Romantic Comedy”), author of Finding Audrey — her first YA! — graciously submitted to our Five Questions treatment (sad to say she’s […]

Five questions for Sophie Kinsella: Crossover Week edition

Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic series for adults, is known as “The Queen of Romantic Comedy.” Her new book, Finding Audrey, is her first foray into YA territory…and it’s a good one. Kinsella graciously submitted to The Horn Book’s Five Questions treatment during Crossover Week. 1. Your portrayal of anxiety disorders is so vivid […]

Six of one, half a dozen of the other

The line between adult literature and YA is definitely bendy and sometimes more a “smudge” than a “line” (and then there’s that whole New Adult thing — remember that?). Not only are there great numbers of books that have been published for one community of readers and then been adopted by the other, there are […]

Crossover authors, pt. 2

Yesterday we started a rundown of authors who write for both young readers and adult audiences. Here we’re continuing the loooong list — but despite its length, it’s far from exhaustive, so let us know about any favorites we missed in the comments! Gregory Maguire’s adult books don’t stray far from the world of children’s […]

Crossover authors, pt. 1

Is there a better feeling than discovering a new book by a favorite author? How about discovering a whole bunch of books you haven’t read yet by that author? Maybe you’re familiar with their work for adults, but didn’t realize they wrote for younger readers as well, or vice versa. For example (in alphabetical order […]

Crossover Week @ The Horn Book

“I’m reading Austenland,” said boss-man Roger Sutton one day. “It’s a grownup book by that fantasy author who won a Newbery Honor. She did those fairy-tale graphic novels too. You know? Shannon Hale.” And from there sprang Crossover Week @ The Horn Book. Because it’s not just Shannon Hale. Lots of children’s authors have written […]