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>You want car crashes? Yes, you do.

>Katie Roiphe’s Wall Street Journal article about dark days in YA literature is deja vu all over again and again. We last had major hand-wringing over the alleged bleakness of YA about a decade ago with the publication of books such as Norma Fox Mazer’s When She Was Good and Brock Cole’s The Facts Speak […]

>When I was a lad,

>Boston Latin was where the smart kids went. No more. [Update] The story has been updated and now makes a lot more sense.

>Hands Across the Wire

>Betsy Bird, aka Fuse #8, did us the very great favor of reviewing The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

>In lieu of a gift

>I’m guessing they’re too busy to read this but maybe you’re not.

>Join the Cool Kids!

>We’re on Facebook now. Really, I have no idea what this means. But come play with us!

>Frontlist becoming backlist

>Hearing Norma Jean Sawicki talk (see Tuesday’s entry) about the massive debt behind the publishing industry’s mergers and acquisitions made me feel much better about my Visa bill. It also made me think about how much more company is on top of what I personally see at most houses–I might know the editor in chief, […]